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Nibav House Lifts in Gurgaon

Nibav House Lifts Gurgaon are one of the few companies that use pneumatic technology to lift and move between floors smoothly while taking up less space and energy than elevators that use hydraulics.

  • 2 models carrying up to 2 passengers
  • 360-Degree Viewability in Panoramic Design
  • No need for an excavation pit, hoist, or machine room prior to construction.
  • Two to three-day installation is available
  • Uses air to power the movement of the lift

How Our Vacuum House Lifts Work

A coaxial car goes up and down in the Vacuum Lifts smooth vertical cylinder through air suction. Because of the difference in atmospheric pressure between the car’s top and bottom, the lifts basic functionality relies on a rising push. Turbines that function as exhaust fans are used to provide the necessary vacuum to lift the car to the top of the elevator.

  • The pneumatic depression created on the upper section of the piston gear allows it to operate practically frictionlessly and hoists the car.
  • The car’s descent and speed are controlled by a valve that regulates the flow of air.
  • Because of the low pressure inside the shaft, air may flow freely through it.
  • The atmospheric pressure acts on the door’s perimeter seals to self-seal at every floor or level.
  • The vehicle is equipped with locking mechanisms to halt it at the vehicle’s upper and lower travel limits.
    In the event of a free fall, a safety braking system (chute) is activated.

Our Features

A Panoramic 360-Degree View

Polycarbonate, the same material used to make bulletproof glasses, is employed in Nibav House Lifts unbreakable glass technology.

CKD (Completely Knocked Down)

The lift will be delivered to your home partially built. We do not do any welding, taping, or ducting work at your home because all our engineers do is put these pieces together (like a Lego). Thus, we are able to complete the lift installation within 48 hours and meet the manufacturer’s quality criteria at the same time.


No battery backup or temporary power supply is required by Nibav House Lifts, the only lift technology in the world. Nibav home lifts come equipped with an array of conventional safety features, including a telephone, light, fan, child switch, emergency descent, and an alarm.

Self-Supporting Design

A unique feature of Nibav House Lifts is that they are completely self-supporting. This assures that no civil work is required for this lift. No side walls, columns, beams, or other supporting structures are required. We are able to maximize shaft-to-cabin space since the shaft and the cabin are engineered and constructed at the same facility.

Low Upkeep and Eco-Friendly

Using only 3.7 kVA of power, Nibav House Lifts travel at speeds of up to 7.5 mph. This elevator uses ZERO POWER while descending, making it a GREEN Elevator. Our elevators do not require any oil or lubrication because they operate solely on air. As a result, maintenance is now only required once every four months, rather than once each month. A one-year guarantee is included with all of our Nibav Lifts.

Relatively lightweight

Aluminium and galvanised steel are used in the production of Nibav Home Elevators. In this way, it is possible to keep the elevator’s weight down while maintaining its structural integrity. As a result, the lifts will last longer and be of higher quality because corrosion is a thing of the past. The weight of a two-stop elevator is approximately 680 KG. If you have a balcony, you can put an elevator there without the need for any special concreting or bracing.

No need for a machine room or a pit.

Since they collect dust and serve as a breeding ground for insects and termites, elevator pits have earned the moniker ‘Devil’s Basement.’ Nibav Home Elevators don’t have this problem because they don’t require a pit. Because the lift’s machinery is integrated into the structure itself, there is no need for a separate machine room. There are two choices based on how much room you have available.

TÜV SÜD ISO 9001:2015 QMS standards Seal of Approval

TÜV SÜD ISO 9001:2015 QMS standards, the world’s leading management and process certification agency, has standardised NIBAV House Lifts with the ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS). To become the first company to manufacture vacuum elevators certified by TÜV SÜD ISO 9001:2015 QMS standards, NIBAV House Lifts must demonstrate its capacity to operate efficiently, produce high-quality products, and exceed customers’ expectations in every way.

House Lifts | Nibav Lifts

Multiple Models To Select From With House Lifts Price in Gurgaon

Every home can now enjoy the luxury of a home elevator thanks to Nibav Home Elevators. Starting at about 10,99,000 Lakhs*, you can get a Home Elevator for your home. When it comes to house lifts, the engineers at Nibav have thought of everything!

To receive a free estimate, please contact Nibav House Lifts Gurgaon

G+1 – SERIES II – ₹ 9,99,000
G+2 – SERIES II – ₹ 10,99,000
G+3 – SERIES II – ₹ 12,99,200
G+1 – SERIES III – ₹ 10,99,000
G+2 – SERIES III – ₹ 11,99,000
G+3 – SERIES III – ₹ 13,99,000
G+1 – SERIES III MAX – ₹ 13,99,000
G+2 – SERIES III MAX – ₹ 13,99,000
G+3 – SERIES III MAX – ₹ 17,59,000

Why Choose Nibav House Lifts?

Value and Quality

Nibav Lifts merges Australian technology with European components to manufacture elevators with exceptional value and quality.

Easy Installation

Our eco-friendly pneumatic vacuum elevators are easy to install and can be integrated into your home swiftly, taking just 24-48 hours.

European Standards

We offer TÜV SÜD for following the ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management System (QMS) standards certified elevators that are safe, reliable, eco-friendly, and designed to enhance your living space with efficiency and aesthetics, without needing a machine room or with minimal need.

Our Products

Series III Max

The Series III Max Home elevator from us offers a spacious solution that accommodates up to 240 kgs (529 lbs) with wheelchair accessibility. Our multi-layered safety features prioritize your security and smooth ride integrated with Alexa for convenient communication. Our eco-friendly home elevator sets a new standard for accessibility and comfort, engineered for fluid movements.

Series III Standard

Renovate your living with Nibav House Lifts’ Series III Standard model, customizable to 4 stops that are stylish and demanding no civil work. Our sleek series III standard model is CE and SIL-3 certified, measuring a total of 13,500mm travel height. The spacious cabin of our home lifts is engineered to be durable, supporting up to 210 kg/462 lbs. Experience excellence with our innovative suspension system, setting new standards for performance and aesthetics.


Book One for Your Home !

Nibav vacuum home lifts are designed to bring the luxury of home lifts now in every home.

G+1 – SERIES III – ₹ 10,99,000

G+2 – SERIES III – ₹ 11,99,000

G+3 – SERIES III – ₹ 13,99,000

G+1 – SERIES III MAX – ₹ 13,99,000

G+2 – SERIES III MAX – ₹ 15,49,000

G+3 – SERIES III MAX – ₹ 17,59,000

(T&C Apply)


Everything you need to know on getting the perfect home elevator for your Dream Home is much easier and more affordable than many people think. Download your free brochure to find out more.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A Nibav House Lifts in  in Gurgaon can cost anywhere between ₹10.99 lakhs and ₹28.65 lakhs, based on the type and features that was chosen. This  in Gurgaon House Lifts provides a range of facilities and choices to accommodate various demands and style.

The Nibav House Lifts office in  in Gurgaon is located at SHOP BEARING NO. SB/R/GL/09/08 "M3M Urbana", Sector-67, Gurugram - 122001.

 in Gurgaon householders select for a House Lifts in order to provide better accessibility, comfort, and security for their elderly or disabled families. A House Lifts in  in Gurgaon not only increases the value of the house but also fits nicely in small spaces without requiring extensive maintenance.

A House Lifts in  in Gurgaon has several benefits, including higher property values, better mobility, and convenience for elderly or disabled residents. In addition,  in Gurgaon House Lifts may enhance the aesthetic appeal of a house by offering innovative, modern different versions and reduce space with their locations compacted varieties.

Offering a range of unique choices, Nibav Lifts maintains trustworthy and top-notch House Lifts in  in Gurgaon. Glass lifts, air-driven lifts, home lifts, and pneumatic vacuum lifts represent one of the different kinds of House Lifts that are offered in  in Gurgaon. Advantages related to each type include reduced upkeep, simple installation, and compact features.

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