Series III Max

From ₹13,99,000*

Elevate Your Home with
Style and Convenience

The mammoth version of the Series III is labelled as the Series III Max, high in space and efficiency. With our state-of-the-art air-driven home elevator Max model experience effortless elegance, seamless mobility, and enhanced accessibility for a transformed home. Also, the Series III Max model is wheelchair accessible to further enhance the comfortability.

Feel the luxury

Internal Cabin Diameter
1160mm / 46in​

240kg / 529lbs

External Cylinder Diameter
1343mm / 53in

Maximum Stops
4 Stops (G+3)

Space Required
1430mm / 56in

Max Travel Height
13500mm / 531in

Key Advantages Of Series III Max

Advanced Suspension

With its innovative suspension permitting seamless, smooth landings that increase ride quality and extend longevity, the Nibav Series III Max domestic lifts sets a new benchmark for efficient, luxury vertical transit.


For better endurance and a polished look, Nibav’s series III Max uses modern elevator manufacturing techniques and materials. This unique design raises the bar for small lift safety and style.


The Series III Max is delivered in a semi-assembled stage, ready for installation in less than 2-48 working hours, and is easily adjustable for upgrades and interior enhancements.

Self Supported

With the inclusion of shafts made of polycarbonate glass that is 250 times stronger than regular glass, makes Series III Max removing the need for support beams or walls.

360° Panoramic

With panoramic views for pure visibility and connectivity, the Series III Max prioritises comfort and safety while also providing a visually pleasing and unique experience.


A customised home lift is a statement of esteem, emphasized by its one-of-a-kind design and personalised engraving, implying that the Series III Max was created exclusively for the homeowner.

Pioneering Safety

With four layers of safety precautions, our residential elevators for private households exceeds safety criteria, providing clients and their loved ones with absolute safety and peace of mind.


With a capacity to lift 240 Kg and a cabin diameter of 1160mm, the Series III Max model can efficiently provide space for wheelchair accessibility. The model is specifically designed to accommodate wheelchairs and other heavy objects.

Let's Elevate Comfort and Style at Home with NIbav Home Elevators

Our home elevators are self-supporting, and their parts come in a semi-assembled, state-significantly reducing installation time to 24-48 hours.






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Did You Know That Our Elevator’s Technology
Is The Safest On The Planet?

  • Elevator car automatically descends during power outage, allowing passengers to exit manually from ground floor.
  • Elevator stuck between floors? Use emergency landing button inside/outside cabin to land on ground floor.


  • Elevator car automatically descends during power outage, allowing passengers to exit manually from ground floor.
  • Elevator stuck between floors? Use emergency landing button inside/outside cabin to land on ground floor.

3 layers of door lock safety

Sound proof 2.0

Power back-up

Noise lock safety insulated cabin

Alexa integration

Elevate Your Style with
Customisable Lift Finishes

NIBAV’s wide range of colour options make sure the elevator will blend with any interior decor.







Limited Edition
( Matt / Glossy )




Discover the Elevating Possibilities

With a huge leap in technological and aesthetic upgrades, the new Nibav vacuum home lifts 2023 model is miles ahead of its previous model and other traditional home elevators.


Frequently Asked Questions

A Nibav Home Lifts in Series iii Max can cost anywhere between ₹10.99 lakhs and ₹28.65 lakhs, based on the type and features that was chosen. This Series iii Max Home Lifts provides a range of facilities and choices to accommodate various demands and style.

A Home Lifts in adds comfort, mobility, and value to your home, so its well worth the investment. The Home Lifts in from Nibav Lifts are the perfect option to improve the ease of use and efficiency of your house because of their small sizes, modern security technology, and a minimal required digging.

Series iii Max householders select for a Home Lifts in order to provide better accessibility, comfort, and security for their elderly or disabled families. A Home Lifts in Series iii Max not only increases the value of the house but also fits nicely in small spaces without requiring extensive maintenance.

A Home Lifts in Series iii Max has several benefits, including higher property values, better mobility, and convenience for elderly or disabled residents. In addition, Series iii Max Home Lifts may enhance the aesthetic appeal of a house by offering innovative, modern different versions and reduce space with their locations compacted varieties.

Offering a range of unique choices, Nibav Lifts maintains trustworthy and top-notch Home Lifts in Series iii Max. Glass lifts, air-driven lifts, home lifts, and pneumatic vacuum lifts represent one of the different kinds of Home Lifts that are offered in Series iii Max. Advantages related to each type include reduced upkeep, simple installation, and compact features.

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