It is crucial to understand the cost of a home lift. There are variations depending on several elements, as there are all costs, and this is typically what determines the cost. Depending on the location and type of lift, installing a home lifts in India might cost anywhere starts from ₹ 12,49,000 lakhs onwards. Here are a few elements that discuss a few things that can affect lift cost.


A few factors are used by lift companies around the world to determine the cost of their lifts. One of these items is


1. The number of floors and the height of each
2. How is technology used?
3. Appearance (look and feel)
4. Certifications
5. country of origin
6. number of floors/stops
7. The quantity of doors and other components needed for a lift is governed by the total number of stops.
8. Including a shaft

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Lift Technology


Compact and significantly less expensive than conventional home lift are vacuum lifts. They do not need a machine room for a pit, and they also come with their own structure, so they are plug and play, which is the main reason for the low cost.




The designers no longer give much thought to aesthetics when installing lift in a high-rise structure or community. Instead, they search for the most affordable option.
However, you want it to look good if you install a lift in your own home. You want your friends and family to be impressed when they visit for a party. Today, there are numerous lift design possibilities available. Standard and premium colors, the interior design, glass panels, flooring, light hues, and other options are all available for selection. Your cost can rise a little as you start incorporating things like aesthetics. It is true that you cannot put a value on your personal taste.


Rules for safety


Currently, the safety regulations for a lift in a high-rise or commercial building differ from those for a lift in a residential residence. In India, each lift has a liftman especially for this purpose, ensuring that no one messes with the lift and that it operates properly. However, since no one will be present to operate the lift at home, safety features to check for include:


● Safety on the platform/cabin
● Door Safety
● Automatic rescue devices


Questions to ask yourself before deciding about which technology to use?


1. Will I hire a lift man to come to my house?
2. Do I want something safe for my children and my grandparents?
3. Should I save money by buying uncertified lifts or spend on safety?


In order to give you an idea of what to anticipate, let us provide you with some cost examples.


With Lift cost in India, you can choose from several different models. Nibav small lift for home has made it possible for every home to have a home lift. You can get a home lift for your home for about 12,49,000 Lakhs*. Engineers at Nibav have thought of everything when it comes to home lift.


lift cost in india



Nibav Home Elevator and Lift Cost in India  


Model Model Pricing
SERIES III G+1 ₹ 12,49,000
SERIES III G+2 ₹ 13,49,000
SERIES III G+3 ₹ 15,49,000
Model Model Pricing
SERIES III MAX G+1 ₹ 15,49,000
SERIES III MAX G+2 ₹ 16,99,000
SERIES III MAX G+3 ₹ 19,09,000
Model Model Pricing
SERIES III PRO G+1 ₹ 19,39,000
SERIES III PRO G+2 ₹ 20,89,000
SERIES III PRO G+3 ₹ 23,39,000
Model Model Pricing
SERIES III MAX PRO G+1 ₹ 23,39,000
SERIES III MAX PRO G+2 ₹ 24,89,000
SERIES III MAX PRO G+3 ₹ 27,39,000

Frequently Asked Questions

Do nibav home lift require supporting walls?

Nibav Home Lifts come with its own self supported structure. This ensures that this elevator needs ZERO Civil Work. In fact, you do not need to build any side wall, column, beam or even a supporting structure.

What is the warranty on a nibav home lift?

Nibav home lifts come with a 1-year warranty period.

How do I contact Nibav Home Elevators?

Call the Nibav team at +91-7824812121 or send an email to right away.
If you’d like, you can click the link and fill out our contact form.


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