Nibav Lifts for Homes is one of the technologies which change the way people and goods are vertically transported and improve the mobility solutions for the house but at no cost to the environment. Nibav Home Lifts is an eco-friendly home lift that cleans the energy and saves electricity costs.


One of the most abundant resources in the world is Air. Nibav Home Lifts are the only elevators powered by air which is energy efficient and provide a more comfortable level of riding rather than traditional elevators.


This eco-friendly home lift is not just energy-efficient but it recycles energy, saves electricity costs as it runs on a single-phase power supply, and has environment-friendly features which don’t require much space and any kind of oil or lubrication. Nibav Home Lifts do not require any pre-construction shaft i.e. civil work, pit, or machine room to operate.


Eco-Friendly Small Lifts for Homes


As it is an eco-friendly home lift that doesn’t compromise with a look inside your home but blends with home decor and gives your home a luxurious feel. It will add value to your property. It comes with a safe and aesthetic design which will give a different view than the traditional elevators. It is a valuable device which will have in your house which is not only saving energy but giving back to the environment what they have given us.

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Small Lifts for Homes | Nibav Lifts

As it is an eco-friendly vacuum domestic lift that can install easily in comparison to traditional elevators. It is portable that can be shifted from one place to another place in the same house or outside.


The leakage of oil can harm the environment and add another cost to maintenance. But Nibav Home Lifts are eco-friendly home lift that requires lesser maintenance than the traditional elevators. As it doesn’t use lubricants, pistons, and cables which require servicing frequently. They need minimal servicing than the traditional elevators. This elevator is not only saving money but also saves the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a small lift cost?

For approximately 10,99,000 Lakhs, you can purchase a home lift.

How many people can fit into the small lift?

Nibav lifts are compact elevators that can fit 2 people at a time.

How much electricity does a home lift use?

Nibav Home Elevators operate on single-phase power and consume only 3.7 kVA of power when going up. During descend, this elevator consumes ZERO power which makes it a GREEN Elevator.


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