Vacuum elevators has many benefits. Nibav home lifts are the only certified pneumatic vacuum home lift company and there are multiple benefits of it. They are listed below:



Nibav Vacuum Elevator Benefits



No Pit and Machine Room Required:


  • No pit excavation required; vacuum elevators are supplied with a fully self-supporting structure.
  • No machine room required, it will be fitted within the existing roof itself, thus saving a lot of space inside the house & enables maximum space utilization.
  • No hoist required; if you are choosing a pneumatic vacuum elevator.


Low Maintenance:


  • Zero energy consumption during descent, the descent is achieved with the help of gravity. A valve regulating inflow of air controls the pneumatic depression, enables descent and controls the speed of the car.


Environment Friendly:


  • Lift can be relocated anytime and anywhere if required. The main advantage of choosing a vacuum elevator is that incase, any future upgradations are required, it is possible with vacuum elevators. You can add an extra stop in case you decide to build an extra floor in your house. Unlike other conventional lifts which has no such option to upgrade the existing mechanism, some vacuum elevator manufacturers have the technical support to upgrade the existing mechanism at a reasonable cost.
  • Installation completion within a weeks’ time.
  • No use of oils or other lubrications, no counterweights, no auxiliary battery backup & self-supporting shaft, makes these lifts extremely low on maintenance and creates no impact on your pocket.
  • Starting and stopping operations are extremely smooth.
  • These lifts work on just single-phase current. Thus, your power consumption will be much lower than other category lifts. They are extremely environmentally friendly as well. Rather than using cables or pistons, the unique residential elevator is powered by the most abundant resources in the world ‘AIR’.

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360 Degree Panoramic View:


  • The enclosure shaft will be transparent in most cases, thus giving a 360-degree panoramic view while travelling. Also, this view prevents any sort of claustrophobic feeling inside the elevator. Also due to the lightweight construction of the shaft it can be installed anywhere in the house without any floor reinforcements, thus also enabling a less civil work installation process.
  • Aesthetically, this lift adorns the environment it surrounds, let it be organic or contemporary.
  • Overall, vacuum elevators add enormous commercial value because, unlike conventional elevators, were the lifts have to be integrated within the house, small lifts for homes can be integrated as a choice.


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