Forget everything you believed to know about residential elevators. Our ecologically friendly, cutting-edge home elevators provide the convenience and comfort you and your family need to move between levels. You can enjoy the luxuries of a home vacuum elevator without the inconveniences associated with conventional elevators.


With nearly a decade of expertise and experience in the fields of safety and vertical mobility. We at Nibav elevators for homes bring you the safest and most versatile home lifting solution available in the market. As safety is of the utmost importance to us, Nibav provides tailored, state-of-the-art home elevators for both children and the elderly.


Our range of products are that include compact vacuum elevators that can be retrofitted in both new and existing home. Our highly experienced technical crew has reverse-engineered India’s most expensive elevators to make them more economical and secure.


pneumatic vacuum elevators

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Some of the features that come with vacuum elevators include:


1.  No Pit
Our Home elevators do not need a trench deeper than 150 to 250 millimeters.

2. No Equipment Room
The machine directive code prohibits placing the Machine Room in the elevator shaft.

3. Low maintenance
Our patent-protected system enables our clients to feel completely secure without periodic upkeep.

4. No Pit/Headroom
Allowable headroom is required for business elevators. We only require a 2500mm FFL-Ceiling.

5. Consumption of low energy
No government permit is necessary as we just use single-phase electricity.


Unique Characteristics of the Nibav Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators


● ISO 9001 Certified

● Custom Made

● Eco-Friendly

● Customized Style

● 360 Degree Panoramic view

● TUV Certification

● No oil Replacement

● Plug and Play


Solution for saving space in your home


The biggest advantage you get when you purchase Nibav home elevators is they require very minimal space and come with a very small footprint. Our elevators do not require an equipment room, nor do they require a pit or well beneath the ground floor or above the top floor for operation, they operate completely on AIR. For traditional elevators, these additional areas are required to accommodate the heavy operational equipment, but Nibav home elevators are plug-and-play solutions and can be placed anywhere in the home, including the balcony. This not only means a smaller footprint in your home but also a significantly less expensive and less messy building effort compared to a conventional home elevator.


Nibav vacuum lifting solutions are self-supporting systems. So, even if you intend to relocate in the future, you do not have to abandon your elevator system. The entire lift is one enclosed elevator system that is not integrated into your home’s structure. This implies that if you decide to move to a new home, the self-contained house elevators can be relocated with ease to your new residence. And additionally, even if you rebuild or add on to your home, you can move the elevator to a different spot within.


Nibav vacuum elevators are certified by ISO 9001 and have been a breakthrough innovation in the elevator industry during the past decade. If you need a secure, dependable, and aesthetically pleasing lift for your home without the hassle and expense of a standard home elevator, please give us a call so that we can put you in touch with our expert team who will assist you completely throughout the installation process.


In the event of a power outage, Nibav Vacuum elevator technology does not require a battery backup or temporary power supply. Nibav Vacuum Elevators come standard with all safety features. Additionally, our elevators are also equipped with TÜV SÜD ISO 9001:2015 QMS standards, a global leader in management and process certification, and have also been accredited NIBAV pneumatic home elevators with the ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS).


How are Nibav Elevators priced?
Nibav Vacuum Elevators are designed to bring the luxury of home elevators now in every home. This Affordable Home Elevator Starts from 12,49,000 Lakhs* Onwards.


We also offer customizability options depending on the color, unit type, and levels required and offer different pricing for each of these additional features. Get in touch with us to get the free assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is vacuum elevators?

Vacuum Elevators are extremely environmentally friendly. It uses the most abundant natural resource available “AIR” as its core operating technology. It runs on Single Phase Power Supply & consumes ZERO power during descend making it a Green Elevator.

Why choose pneumatic vacuum home elevator?

Pneumatic Vacuum elevator differ from conventional elevators in that they do not require a pit or machine room to operate, hence conserving space inside. A vacuum elevator operates on a single-phase system and is equipped with multiple safety features.

What Will the Elevator Look Like in My House?

It is quite typical for people to experience claustrophobia, particularly when riding in an enclosed elevator. With the Nibav Home Elevator, you can take in a panoramic view of your home in all its beauty.


Everything you need to know on getting the perfect home elevator for your Dream Home is much easier and more affordable than many people think. Download your free brochure to find out more.