Conventional elevators are now well aware in the Real estate market. People in desire to place one in their property are considering the necessary civil modifications to be done. When considering the overall cost for placing a lift, it is high. Even though, the provision of a lifts for homes increases property value, the initial investments tend to be higher. The general consensus invests in a lift to cater to a need and also for the comfort and luxury it offers. Affordability stands as a major factor in Home lifts with the close second factor being the accommodation of a lift. Accommodating a lift, especially in existing houses, tilt the decision of installing a lift owing to the expenses and complications involved.


Nibav pneumatic elevator are designed with all these factors in consideration. These vacuum elevation systems are designed to be fit in any home at any stage of construction or age. It can be fit in different building elevations. The reason behind this versatility is the technology that these vacuum elevators have.


Nibav elevation Technology


Nibav vacuum elevators embrace a simple but futuristic pneumatic elevation technology. The shaft carries the cabin and a difference of air pressure is created between the cabin to enable the cabin to move up and down. The consumption of power is drastically low in these elevators as power is required only to move the cabin up. Pneumatic elevation systems are often deemed skeptical owing to the lack of understanding of its technology and working. Safety concerns arise because of that. It is sad to know that there are no proper safety standards for Home Elevators in India. But, Nibav Vacuum elevators are complying with American standards of Safety (ASME) to ensure the maximum amount of safety that can be embedded in the system.


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Pneumatic vacuum elevators | Nibav Lifts

The installation of Nibav Vacuum Elevators is rather very simple. So simple that it could be treated as an appliance, upgraded and moved to another place with similar dimensions if conditions apply. These Pneumatic vacuum elevators do not require any sort of Pit or Machine room and it requires zero to trivial civil work. With these minimal requirements and with the vacuum elevator’s cylindrical and panoramic glass structure, it can be placed in any type of houses irrelevant of its flooring type and elevation structure with multiple access points.


The Nibav Vacuum Elevators come with two models based on the positioning of the vacuum motor. One is the Integrated Model where the mechanism is built in which the motor is built in along with the lift and the other one is the Split Off model where the motor is channel outside to the building. The Split Off model creates a quieter environment for people requiring a more peaceful habitat.


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