The Indian Elevator market is seeing a decent surge in demands with the rise in pneumatic elevator demands. Conventional lifts, as in the ones that require a lot of mechanisms and moving parts to work on, require space and they deliver less space in return.


The most valuable part of a house is the space it provides. The market is volatile but next to geography, the space the house delivers is the major driving factor of the real estate market and it is constant. So, the more space the house delivers, the better value.


Nibav Home Lifts are Pneumatic vacuum elevators that work under the principle of difference in Air pressure between the cabins. The most important part to note here is the space it requires to execute that mechanism. To put things into perspective, for to employ a Conventional lift to deliver a space of 3ft x 3ft, it requires a space of 5ft x 5ft. But, Nibav home lifts and its Pneumatic technology requires only 3ft x 3ft to deliver 3ft x 3ft. So, the value that is derived from the placement of these lifts are high as the output is significant.


Nibav Home Lifts


When Nibav Home Lifts are placed in house, it makes the house more spacious and also the feeling of openness is felt. It induces a psychological feel of freedom of space.

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Nibav Lifts use polycarbonate 100% transparent glasses to make the users feel comfortable while travel. It practically gives you the feeling of floating in open space. This eliminates the feeling of Claustrophobia and vertigo which is common in people when they use lifts.


On the basis of space required for installation, Nibav small lifts for homes are the polar opposite of conventional lifts which require A Pit, A Headroom, A machine room and a shaft column. These civil accommodations consume a lot of space and there should be provisions to do proper mechanical maintenance also. But, Nibav Vacuum Lifts work on simpler mechanisms by using AIR to initiate the travel and the power consumed is trivial. The entire system does not require a Pit, a Machine Room or a Headroom. The mechanical system of the lift is embedded within the lift and there are options to take it off too, thus resulting in more space.


Nibav Home Lifts are impacting the Home Elevator market in such a way that it has removed conventional trends and saved space in huge proportions thus making it the best value for money Home Lift.


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