The realm of the elevators industry has gone far beyond the pre-existing norms in the current scenario. The more technology is consistently creeping into the modern days, the more spheres of exploration in this domain are spacing up within the leftover voids. Here are cheers to the new concept of pneumatic vacuum elevators that are specifically tailored for residential purposes and it’s none other than the Nibav Home Elevators. Succeeding against all the entrenched players, Nibav Home Elevators marks its footprints on the land of Bangalore offering a knuckle-cracking competition to the elevator companies in Bangalore.



What Nibav Home Elevators Are All About?


Crafting excellence in the domain of the elevators industry by marking an eloquent switch that can create a widespread shake-up worldwide is the name of Nibav Home Elevators. Initiating its journey in the early 2000s, Nibav has always been an epitome of unmatched luxury and comfort with an uncompromising aspect of safety at the same time.

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Holding the ‘Home Excellence Award’ under the category of home elevators, Nibav holds its charisma with the charm of being the first in the industry to provide certified Lifts for Homes as per the European Standards in terms of their safety, performance, and of course, design across the nation. As previously, there were no set standards for the home elevators in India, Nibav made sure there are zero compromises with the safety and it complies with the set standards for elevators. Henceforth, it went all the way to Europe for getting its home lifts certified.


With the assistance of relentless efforts and significant evolution, Nibav has now come up with the Series II Signature model elevators in Bangalore that comes with the Amazon Alexa Integration, making a smart home lift for today’s smart users.


Adding more to the same, Nibav vacuum elevator  have a lot more when it comes to its specs and features. Some of these are as follows:

• It promotes zero civil work.
• There is barely any need for a pit, machine room or headroom.
• An absolute stand-alone structure that doesn’t need any supporting column or beam for installation.
• The completely knocked-down structure reduces installation time to just 24 working hours.
• It utilizes the best of the given space of 3.3 feet of which 3 feet is cab space, making it compact and comfortable.



Nibav Home Elevators in Bangalore



What Is New As ‘A Concept’ To The Elevators Industry With Nibav?


The industry research data showcases the lack of set standards across the nation that led to elevator accidents previously. Henceforth, along with European Standards for ensuring safety while travelling across the floors, Nibav introduced the concept of experience centers for home elevators in Bangalore.


The experience center assists people to have an idea of various parameters of home elevators, be it safety, security, travelling experience, outlook and a lot more. The previously existing world of the elevator industry never had an experience center where people can understand the product thoroughly before making its purchase but with Nibav, it has become possible.


If you are looking forward to visiting the Nibav experience center in Bangalore, then you can check out the venue details below:


Address:  No. 632, 2nd Main, RBI Layout, 7th Phase, JP Nagar, Bangalore 560078




Nibav is solely an ultimate option if you are looking for an elevator for your residence. It has got everything that as a user you might need. Additionally, it is an affordable elevator for home price in Bangalore. The features, comfort, style and safety, of Nibav Home Elevators, are enough to satisfy all the requirements of your home.


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