Reasons to Buy Nibav Home Elevators


We built home for ourselves, for our family. Nowadays, Private bungalows and row houses are in fashion. As they are totally compatible for family of 6 to 8 members. Bungalow and row houses generally are of 2 to 3 floors. And family loves to access all area of their sweet home. In India, the average size of urban row houses and bungalows is of under 1500sqft to 3000sqft.


So, sometimes adding extra equipment to existing or planned construction  for your increment in the standard of living is not possible due to less space.


But Not with Nibav home lifts. Nibav home lifts can easily be installed inside engaging the minimum space of your house. Just imagine, that you are planning to buy a lift for your parents, so that they can also travel to which ever floor they need but due to space shortage, costly lifts just put a full stop to your imagination.


Nibav Home Lifts do not require pit or machine room. Nibav Home lifts require only 1080mm diameter of minimum space and is perfect for Indian families.


The lavishing structure and the panoramic view put Nibav Home lifts apart from other lifts present in the market. You can even customize it to some extent as per your desire. Of course, It will add value to your house but also the standard of living will definitely rise. The accessibility it offers since it’s easy to fit in any locations is very beneficial as it can cater to the need and also flexes luxury. Nibav Home lifts are so eco-friendly that it works on a single-phase current that is 240volts.

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Perfect home elevator | Nibav Lifts

In a way, using a Nibav Home elevators for a day is just like using 1.5-ton air conditioner for an hour. Home lifts demand will rise in near future as this is the answer for accessing whole area of your house while taking the minimum space. So, the fact that these residential lifts are perfect for your house is not only for the aesthetics but also for the maximum usage you get out of its compactness.


Everything you need to know on getting the perfect home elevator for your Dream Home is much easier and more affordable than many people think. Download your free brochure to find out more.