Nibav Home Lifts Benefits


Zero Civil Work – Nibav vacuum lifts don’t require any pit or headroom. This not only brings the civil work to almost ZERO but also make these lifts vaastu compliant.


360 Degree(symbol) Panoramic View – The shaft is covered by polycarbonate glass on all sides, giving you a panoramic view while travelling. Also, the panoramic view prevents any sort of claustrophobic feeling inside the elevator.


Green Elevator – Vacuum elevators are extremely environmentally friendly. It uses the most abundant natural resource available “AIR” as its core operating technology. It runs on single phase power supply & consumes ZERO power during descend making it a green elevator.


Plug & Play – These lifts come as a semi-assembled unit and all our technicians do is plug and play. This reduces the installation time of nibav lifts to only 24 Hrs and maintains the installation quality as per manufacturing standards.


Lightweight Construction – The outer structure of vacuum lifts is made of composition of aluminum and steel, making it extremely lightweight and can be installed anywhere in your house without adding any flooring reinforcements

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ZERO Power Vacuum elevators | Nibav Lifts

Flexibility – Vacuum lifts are extremely flexible. A 2 Stop (G+1) lift can later be Extended to 3 Stops (G+2), the door opening can also be different at different floors (Opposite / Adjacent Entrance). Also these small lifts for homes are Portable and are even handy, in case of relocating.


Minimal Maintenance – No use of oil or lubrication, no counterweights, no auxiliary battery back-up & self-supporting shaft, makes these lifts extremely low on maintenance and creates no impact on your pocket.


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