The first ever lift elevator installed in India was in the heritage building of Raj Bhavan in 1892 and since then elevator industry has been growing in India and After the economic reforms, elevator industry saw a boom with rise in requirements


In all these years, industry had 3 types of elevators


1) Geared and Gearless Traction Elevator

2) Hydraulic Elevator

3) Machine-Room-Less (MRL) Elevator.


All the 3 segments have a requirement and owns a market share but each of them has a specific design and configuration which has not changed from years and thus leading to some design and aesthetic setbacks which are difficult to solve in the modern times. Thus, there has been a demand of new customizable product which can address problems as well as provide something unique. In Last 2 decades there were many attempts to solve the problem but one solution which emerged above all is Nibav vacuum elevator.


How are Nibav Home Lifts’ design Unique


how does it solve the problems posed while dealing with current options

No Civil Construction – one revolutionary feature of vacuum lifts is that they don’t require any construction as there is no pit, machine room and is supported by self-sustaining structure

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Modern design Vacuum Elevator | Nibav Lifts

Low Maintenance & Environment Friendly – They use the concept of air pressure and thus there is less damage to the environment low electricity costs.


Aesthetic Superiority – The design of the lift is very futuristic and one could say it is synonymous to Jetson’s technology. But its very adaptable to modern contemporary designs and as well as organic natural designs.


360 Degree Concept – Due to its circular structure, it provides a 360degree clear view thus providing natural light and no view blockage.  The glass transparency provides the unique touch of modern look unlike conventional lifts.


Color Options – Though the design of the lift is predominantly focused on the glass, the shaft provides aesthetic excellence through its varied color options. Thus, we can conclude that nibav home lifts are a cost effective, modern design solution which is set to rise in coming years


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