Lifts for houses add one step forward value to the luxury for a residence, which not only increases the resale value of a house also brings comforts to the residents to climb the floors easily, therefore comparing to the commercial lifts and hydraulic lifts, vacuum lifts demands are rising in the market considering its benefit of space efficiency, easy to install and portability feature.


It becomes a trend in the market with its beautiful look, available various customization option, 360* view, and most importantly its space efficiency.

Nibav Lifts for Houses


Cost is always a factor for consumers who like to install a lift but worry about price and also about safety. Where installing a commercial lift has lots of civil work, lots of various space requires and a long process of legal and documentation and also not compiling home standard norms, and if the price is as almost equivalent to a vacuum lift the additional various works and noncompliance of safety norms makes the consumers worried before deciding for a lifts for homes. And while installing a Hydraulic home lift which is imported and complying safety norms are very costly and has a few civil works in the shaft and more extra spaces also required in the shaft inside for installing a machine behind the car, compared to these obstacles Vacuum lifts are now become a trend for all consumers where price are is low and complying safety standards for a house too alongside a minimal of civil works which consumes very little power only while ascending and requires a simple round diameter of 1010mm only.

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The Rising Trend of Lifts for Houses