Transportation solutions for homes play a crucial role in the wake of the nearing home decor revolution. Particularly, vertical transportation is progressing in an expedited manner across the globe. However, one may not differentiate between a ragtag and a tried and trusted brand when it comes to an investment you make through an amenity in your property. Yes! We are talking about home elevators; especially pneumatic home elevators for Indian homes.


Despite the fact that Indians are thrifty and close-fisted when it comes to free-spend on utilities of great importance and operation; considering the comfort of our loved ones, we spend a great deal of sum on elevators for their homes. Likewise, Nibav ensures that every rupee you spend on our pneumatic elevators for homes will be prized for a lifetime. Nibav’s Pneumatic Elevators for homes are manufactured in a way that unifies with any kind of interior and any kind of engineering. Indians who intend to establish a future-oriented property can pitch on pneumatic elevators, especially the ones with power-built construction, which provides a sophisticated experience. This blog gives a rundown on pneumatic elevators made exclusively for Indian homes.



Nibav brings pneumatic elevators for homes that are cost-efficient and eco-friendly, easy to install and stamp out the complications involved in a conventional elevator. Installing a lift inside homes might sound scary to some because of the experience with traditional lifts; however, Nibav’s pneumatic elevator move around your house effortlessly with the utmost safety in vertical transportation. Vacuum lifts are the current vertical transportation system preferred by most architects, engineers and interior designers globally.


Nibav Lifts is the transcending phenomenon of the current Indian elevator market and a promising option for home lifts in several foreign countries with more than 31 Experience Centres. Nibav’s wide range of elevators can be erected in ongoing construction as well as in an existing building. Nibav made home transportation feasible with ultra-modern elevators with vacuum technology that glides through the floors of your home, providing the best comfort to travellers.


Compared to staircases and traditional elevators, pneumatic elevators are advantageous and easy to operate, even for the elderly and children in your house, and it is totally safe. Nibav holds nearly a decade of knowledge and experience in the province of safety and vertical mobility; we deliver the safest and most resourceful vacuum lifts on the market that are tailor-made for the specific needs of your home.


Our experienced and highly skilled technical team has reverse-engineered India’s big-budget home elevators into an affordable and secure option for financially conscious people.


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Why Nibav Elevators for Homes?


Needles for a Pit or Headroom

Elevators for homes must bring peace and quiet as much as possible and not require extra tasks through additional construction. Our elevators only require no separate space for pit or headrooms which are very common in traditional elevators.



Nibav’s patent-protected system ensures minimal maintenance of your home elevator. Far from conventional elevators that need periodic servicing regularly, Nibav’s elevators for your home require upkeep once every four months.


Eco-friendly and cost-effective

Nibav lifts are environmentally-safe as they consume electricity through a single-phase unit and only while going up and consume no electricity while coming down. The elevator is made of polycarbonate glass and uses vacuum technology to operate, thus, no oil is required to smoothen the rail or grid, as both are not in the system.


Tailor-made home elevators

Our elevators can be customised in various colours, textures, and sizes according to the specifications of your home. Also, there are additional features like custom engraving inside the cabin.


Plug and Play elevators

Nibav elevators can be used right after their installation; since the technical team will assemble the elevator, which is a stand-alone structure, within 24 to 48 hours, homeowners can use our elevators once the installation is complete.


European Safety Standards

Nibav is the only Indian elevator brand with TÜV SÜD certification; this certificate denotes that our product has adhered to the European Safety Standards to gain the certification.


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Price of Nibav Elevators

Nibav’s vacuum elevators bring home the luxury of mobility to every corner, which was unattainable earlier to our dear elders, which is priceless. However, our home elevators start from the price range of 12.49 lakhs.


The price varies as per your customisation.


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