An Elevator is important for patient, guest, guardians, small children, visitors. It makes our life easier to move from one floor to other.


However in a modern houses in a crowded city spaces are very congested, where installing an elevator with a structure can expend a lot of space, where vacuum lifts are very efficient to install in such a modern house, where no shaft required and a small round diameter of 1010mm is sufficient to move from one floor upto 9 meter or 3 stops, which can carry up to 150 kg weight at a time.


Nibav Elevators for Modern Houses


Rather than using cables or pistons, the unique residential elevator is powered by the most abundant resources in the world ‘AIR’. While installing a commercial traction elevator it requires shaft, pit, headroom, machine room space along with 3 phase connection and municipality permission which costing a resident a lot price, civil works and along with permission documentation, alongside installing a hydraulic elevator without pit, also required a shaft along with a square dimension where extra space of machine attached behind the cabin and shaft structure thickness expending a lot of space where space are congested for a person, whereas Vacuum lift not required any pit/headroom/machine room/shaft space/square or rectangular space/ 3 phase connection/ nor space for machine as in hydraulic home lift behind the cab is necessary, additionally Nivab Vacuum lift is follows American standard which is totally safe for a residential modern house of 2 floors. It’s power efficient too which consumes power while ascending time only, and regarding its power consumption volume its equivalent to a freeze in your house.

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Importance of Vacuum Elevator in Modern House


A vacuum elevator is covered by a rounded with a Polycarbonate Glass shaft with minimal thickness which is 250 times stronger than a normal glass. It does run on single phase power of 230V and doesn’t requires any PIT, Machine room, Municipality permission which makes its very convenient to install is a space congested existing or under construction modern house.


Benefits together- Zero civil works, 360 degree view, plug & play which follows American standard ASME, no engineering at site just plug & play, Lightweight shaft & construction, Flexible in portability in case of relocation of house, minimal maintenance & safe to operate with mechanically driven landing system, unbreakable non-breakable polycarbonate virtual glass, compound break system along with LED light, alarm and telephone as standard.