Do you need a residential elevators for your home? You do not need to look any farther; Nibav residential elevators are commercially produced in India. Moving between floors is quick and simple thanks to their modest size and fashionable design.


Our vacuum residential elevator is made to fit into any home, making it ideal for anyone who needs assistance getting around the home or wants to “future-proof” their home. An excellent elevator with a sturdy construction and, most importantly, one that provides a refined and comfortable experience are the results of buying a residential elevator from Nibav.


Why Choose Nibav Residential Elevators?


Our residential elevators are ideal for you and your family as they are quiet, small, fashionable, and reasonably priced. Also, because of their special pit-less technology, they are secure and a discreet residential elevator that can be swiftly and simply installed in any Indian home.


Convenient, Comfortable & Impeccably Stylish


At Nibav lift elevator, we strongly believe ours is a lifestyle product that blends excellent convenience with ample dosage of style. They stand apart in terms of features and usability yet blends aesthetically with your home.


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Advantages of Nibav Residential Elevators


360-Degree Panoramic Glass View

Making you and your loved ones feel safe is what we always aim to deliver. With a transparent, robust glass all-around, claustrophobic people will feel at ease when ascending and descending. Wave to your loved one and never feel constrained at all.


No Machine Room Required

Conventional elevators demand machine room and overhead headroom but Nibav elevators get rid of regularity with innovation. Keep your home’s integrity safe and make better use of the space available with our MRL design.


Energy Efficient

Consuming near to zero power when descending and minimal power when ascending, our elevators excel at being eco-friendly and highly energy efficient. Home owners can rejoice as it works easily on a single-phase power supply.


Superior Aesthetics

Irrespective of housing technologically advanced vacuum mechanism on the inside, the residential elevators made by us are aesthetically pleasing. Available in a wide range of colours, they look stylish, elegant and can easily blend with your residence.


Compact and Comfortable

Setting up our elevators are easy because they require just 1010mm of space. There is no need to dig a pit or do extensive construction work because Nibav elevators follow knocked down setup process. It can spaciously hold two people at once.


Lightweight and Robust

Creating a lightweight yet durable product is a feat acclaimed by our R&D team. The base is build using robust aluminium material and galvanized steel while the cabin is made of polycarbonate glass. They allow us to deliver a product that is strong yet lightweight in terms of design.


How Nibav Residential Elevators Works?


Nibav residential elevators are vacuum elevators that runs powered by pneumatic technology. A vertical cylinder made of polycarbonate glass is attached to a coaxial car. It moves up and down with the help of air suction technology that is achieved by varying the difference in air pressure on top and bottom. The turbines are mounted on top of the residential elevator which helps to elevator the cabin up and down.


Features of Nibav Residential Elevators


Easy Installation

With zero civil work, all it takes to install our elevators is a day or two, as the elevator can be installed within 24-48 hours.


Value and Quality

We strive to deliver high-quality products at an affordable rate, made possible by bringing the best of Australian technology with European components.


European Standards

Our brand follows strict quality and safety standards. Certified under ISO 9001, we are proud to follow the most reliable safety and product quality standards in our sector.


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How much space is needed for a residential elevator?

Nibav residential elevators require only 1010 mm diameter for their base space while offering enough cabin space for two people to fit comfortably.

What does it cost to install a residential elevator in a home?

Depending on the location and type of elevator, installing a residential elevator in India might lift cost anywhere from ₹ 12,49,000 lakhs onwards.

What is the warranty on a Nibav residential elevator?

Nibav home lifts come with a 1-year warranty period.


Everything you need to know on getting the perfect home elevator for your Dream Home is much easier and more affordable than many people think. Download your free brochure to find out more.