In India elevator was not a compulsory asset, or people thought it was meant only for commercial building. Secondly the house was not 2-3 floored at older times. As time went the price of the land went up at a high rate, thus people could only afford a small piece of land for constructing their home. In many cases land was not available itself.


Another way to look at this is adaptability into the future. 20 years back, AC was a luxury in cars. Now it’s not even a feature but it is a necessity. Similarly, home elevators are starting to see this change but it has to be in the right way as there are multiple constraints ranging from land availability to investment behaviors.


Most Important Feature of Nibav Vacuum Home Lifts


Thus, they started opting for elevator at their home also, but the major issue they are facing was space. As many of them haven’t thought about elevator when they build their home, installing an elevator became a difficult task no proper provision can be found for the same. Unless we renovate the entire bungalow. During these times vacuum elevator are a savior for them, as the main and the most important feature of nibav vacuum home lifts is that it uses the lowest space for installation.


Nibav home lifts have embraced the pneumatic technology through patented tech and tie ups with international elevator companies to make it very affordable in India for just Rs.8.9 Lakhs as previously these lifts were sold at around 18 Lakhs. Even though the price is compromised, the quality has increased owing to the reason that these lifts are now tailored to the indian homes by nibav home lifts.

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Vacuum home lifts | Nibav Lifts

Unlike commercial elevators, nibav home lifts doesn’t take much space, no pit or headroom is required. Existing bungalows don’t have to renovate, nibav home lifts can easily be installed without the requirement of any shaft, any column or support. As it comes with its own structure covered with glass on all sides. Most of the users, especially elderly people, with glass on all sides of the nibav home lifts, claustrophobic feeling won’t be faced by them while using the vacuum elevators. Even in new construction the space taken by nibav home lifts are so less that the architect can easily occupy an elevator in their design without compromising on any other things.


In case of duplex also the weight of the machinery used by the nibav home lifts is so light that no issue is faced by the customer regarding the load coming on the slab. In a place like India where we have the crunch of land, nibav home lifts are a boon.


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