• The vacuum mechanism inside a pneumatic elevator is very simple. Since air pressure is very essential in making the elevator car ascend and descend, the vacuum is responsible for creating a low-pressure or high-pressure environment inside the elevator. Once the air is equalized, the elevator car stops.


  • Safety Vacuum Lifts will be the only elevator technology that does not require any battery backup or temporary power supply in the event of power failure. All safety features including Telephone, Light, Fan, Child Switch, Emergency Descend & Alarm are standard in Vacuum Elevators.


  • No Pit and Machine Room Required Elevator pits collect dust and become a home for insects and termites. This is no more an issue with Vacuum Elevator, due to its pit less technology.


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  • Low Maintenance & Environment-Friendly Vacuum Elevator operates on single phase power and consumes only 3.7 Kva of power when going up. During descent, this elevator consumes no power which makes it a green elevator. Since the elevator uses air as the main source of operation, it does not require any oil or lubrication. This reduces the frequency of services from monthly to once every 4 months.


  • Light Weight Vacuum elevators for homes are manufactured using Aluminium and Galvanized Steel. This makes the elevator lightweight without compromising its strength. This also improves the built quality and life of the lifts as there is no chance of rusting. A two-stop elevator would roughly weight only 680 KG, and one can install the elevator even on a balcony or on existing flooring without any need for special concreting.


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  • Self-Supported Structure Vacuum Elevators come with their own self-supported structure. This ensures that this elevator needs no Civil Works; in fact, we do not need to build any side wall, column, beam, or even a supporting structure.


  • 360 Degree Panoramic View Vacuum Elevator allows you to enjoy the panoramic view of the house and surrounding with its 360-degree Glass. Having a full glass elevator would definitely bring the risk of breakage but the use of unbreakable glass technology called polycarbonate which is 250 times stronger than glass and is also the same material used for bulletproof glasses eliminates the risk.


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