When getting a residential lift installed into the home, it is important to ensure that the lift is manufactured and installed per the safety standards of the country. In case, in countries like India where there is no specific code for home lift, then the customers must ensure that the lift follows international safety standards as these lifts will be used by close family members especially children.


Most of the home lift accident cases, involves children and hence the lifts have to be chosen by keeping safety as the number one priority. In many of the cases, the doors of the lifts malfunction due to which the children may get stuck in between them. These issues are completely avoided in vacuum lifts as the door has to be shut completely in order for the lift to function. The other benefits of nibav home lifts from manufacturers like nibav, related to safety of children are:


Benefits of Nibav Home Elevators


• No pit is required as it has a fully self-supporting structure.

• No machine room is required as the mechanism is fixed within the existing roof itself.

• Lift can be relocated anytime and anywhere if required.

• No power back up required (lift will automatically come down to the ground floor and open the door during power failure).

• No assistance required.

• Automatic interior LED lighting and fan.

• Automatic mechanical emergency safety brake system

• Starting and stopping operations are extremely smooth

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Child safety Vacuum lifts | Nibav Lifts

Since no pit, no machine room is required, these act as safety guards especially since these units are to be installed in private homes. Vacuum lifts offer clever locking mechanisms which means that the lift always stops exactly at floor level and the air pressure ensures that the starting and stopping is very smooth as compared to the mechanical apparatus that moves the traditional type lifts.


Nibav home lifts follow the American Standards of Safety (ASME) and has mechanically driven landing system. The glass used in outer structure is made of polycarbonate and is virtually unbreakable. They are fully equipped with compound breaks, LED light, alarm & telephone as standards, making these home lifts completely safe to use for daily purposes.


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