Nibav Home Lifts  for Existing Structure

Nibav Home lifts are one of the small lift for home used in bungalows and row houses. They do not require pit or machine room and in this way, installing a vacuum lift in house takes less space comparing to other technology home lifts. Nibav Home Lifts specifically manufactured for family members consist of 5 to 6 people. The capacity of an average Nibav Home Lifts is 200 kg or up to 3 persons. When in actual usage, not more than 2 people occupy a lift in a home. So, the investments on such large equipment would not deem useful. Instead, when you fit in a vacuum lift in your house, it caters to your need and as well as provides a universal aesthetic adaptable to any customizations.


These Nibav Home Lifts are design in a way such that it’s versatile to any type of existing structures so that the civil modifications to be done are nothing to very trivial. Nibav Home Lifts are one of the most sought after lifts nowadays in INDIA, as they are so energy efficient that they work on single phase current that is 230 volts, which gives you a chance to conserve some electricity for us and for our environmental surroundings. Installing a vacuum lift in an existing structure is easier if planned drawing were followed.


Nibav Home Lifts for Under Construction Building

Nowadays, as population is growing on rate of 5% per decade, the new houses are being constructed rapidly. Sometimes, the awareness in house construction is not high in most of the first-time builders. So, the chance of placing a conventional elevator becomes high due to this lack of awareness. But vacuum elevators occupy very less space and does not require any provision exclusively for the placement of the lift. So, the planning of placing such a lift is never a hassle.

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Vacuum lift in house | Nibav Lifts

Here, Nibav Home Lifts can be your solution for your house as it needs minimum 1080mm diameter of space while installing. Also, aesthetic and other decisions could be made easily without constrains as these lifts are versatile.


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