In this text, we will talk about a new type of elevator which is vacuum lift but before starting we will try to understand the problems, we are facing with other Elevator alternatives

Lack of Styles and Elegance – Whenever we talk about elevators and residences, one old stereotype that comes to mind is typical old lifts with heavy structure and ruining home landscape

Heavy expenditure -In 21st century there are many lifts assuring great looks but they all have one common problem that is heavy expenditure, from the cost of civil construction to heavy electricity and maintenance expenditure and keeping

Bulky construction and damage – Lifts require civil construction such as digging a pit which causes changes in current landscape

Vacuum lift – Vacuum lifters are types of lifting equipment that incorporate a vacuum as or as part of the lifting mechanism, they work on the concept of changing air pressure

How does Nibav Home Lifts provide Elegance without any kind of damage

No civil construction – These are supported by self-sustaining structure with no requirement of Pit and machine room

Elegance – The structure is made of Galvanized Steel and glass panels thus providing that extra finish

360-degree view – Due to its circular Structure, it provides a 360degree clear view thus providing natural light and no view blockage

Low Maintenance & Environment Friendly – Along with saving civil construction cost, consumer also end up saving money on electricity and maintenance costs as well

Safety – Vacuum lifts don’t require any backup battery for rescue and they also run-on single-phase power supply

Patented Technology – Embraces patented technology and Make in India initiative to bring these Pneumatic vacuum lifts at a 50% price reduction.